BSK Posts Goolge Map


The plugin help you show posts/pages as markers on Google map. Custom post type also is been supported. With this plugin you may show your stores, hourse etc on Google map. The plugin supports responsive theme.

It is easy to use. You may control which post type will be supported in the plugin setting page. When you add/edit a new post/page/custom post type a meta box contain Laittude & Longitude will display below the editor. And you may enter latitude & longitude for the post there.

Just copy and paste the shortcode to where you want to show the map then you will see all posts what lat & lng saved will be shown as a mark on the Google Map and user may vist details by click them.

Once you activated the plugin it will create 3 demo posts into you WordPress and you may find the link on plugin setting page.

Generally the plugin seeting page is http://YOUR-WORDPRESS-SITE/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=bsk-posts-gmap


Activate the plugin then you will see a new option page “BSK Posts Google Map” added under Settings menu. In the plugin setting page you may check what post type will be supported.

1. [bsk-posts-gmap posttype="post"] will show all posts that have position data(latitude & longitude) on Google map.

2. Same as above but [bsk-posts-gmap posttype="page"] will show all pages(with position data) on Google map.

3. You may use widget to show a map with marker on you widget area.

4. If you want you may add .bsk_posts_gmap_results{min-height: 500px;} into your style.css file to change the map min height.

And .bsk_posts_gmap_widget{min-height: 300px;} for map on widget area.

5. How to get latitude & longitude data for your position please ref here


1.2 Support responsive theme, add map zoom level as an option, make it easy to use.

1.1 Fixed some small bugs.

1.0 First version.



  1. says

    I do have a wish for future update: to make it possible to give different markers(colours) to different categories. That would make it super and a 5 stars review for me!

  2. says

    Great, all works well now. Got another question though.
    Is it possible to give different marker colours to different category’s of posts? On my site i want to show places where one can sleep and places where ons can visit in the daytime.

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